Saturday, 24 December 2011

Some Amazing Trailers- for the holidays season

Wrath Of  The Titans (will be released on March 30,2012)
-Another Greek hero based film,oh my god......Lets hope this film will have better usage of the 3D technology than its predecessor.

The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey(will be released on December 14,2012)
 -the prequel of the J.R.R.Tolkien Lord of the is directed by the master of fantasy films Peter Jackson and most of the actors had reprised their role in the film.Looking forward to see Gollum and the new elf character which is absent from the books and will be played by Evangeline Lily. Too bad Saoirse Ronan couldn't played  the rumoured Itaril.Will Peter Jackson able to recapture the magic in the trilogy....we will have to wait and see.

Bel Ami(will be released on March 2,2012)
-Bel A mi an adaptation of the french novel of the same name had Robert Pattinson as the male who gains power and status my manipulating and sleeping with the powerful man wives and mistress.It looks promising and it is always a delight to see Christina Ricci onscreen.

Prometheus( will be released on  June 8,2012)

-Ridley Scott is back exploring the Alien universe with Charlize Theron,Noomi Rapace,Michael Fassbender and many more on board with him.The trailer is very exciting and Prometheus is probably one of my most anticipated films of 2012.

The Vow( will be released on february 14,2012)
-although this trailer had been released quite a long time ago,I just added it because of the Rachel McAdams who looks stunning and radiant in the trailer.


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