Thursday, 1 December 2011

Pure Talent-Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne

 I first noticed Eddie Redmayne(29 years old) in the film Black Death.I was expecting it to be a low quality film but the presence of Sean Bean was the reason to give it a try.Then after watching the film,I was quite shocked that not only I loved the film I wanted to watch it again.Besides Sean Bean and Carice van Houten who was superb as usual ,Eddie Redmayne as Osmund was my favourite performance in the film.It is very difficult to standout with two actors like Bean and Carice around you,but Eddie manages to do it from  the first few minutes where you see  as a young monk emotionally sending his girlfriend to the last scene where he has become cold man hunting down the necromancer that caused him to kill his own girlfriend.

He also played different roles in the film Savage Grace and indie flick Yellow Handkerchief.While he plays a homosexual son who have an affair with his mother's boyfriend and having a incestuous relationship with his mother(disturbing) in Savage Grace,he  plays a small role  of Gordy the guy with less confidence of himself in the Yellow Handkerchief.

He is set to appear in the Marilyn Monroe biopic My Week With Marilyn portraying Colin Clark and in the  musical film Les Miserables.His portrayal of Colin Clark  who falls for the sex siren Monroe during his apprenticeship in on of her film had been getting rave reviews.

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