Friday, 9 December 2011

84th Academy Awards -Best Actor(predictions)

1.Jean Dujardin(predicted winner) 
For bringing alive the character George Valentin,a fading silent film star, a man who is wants love,who has lots of pride in him in the film The Artist.Jean Dujardin manages to showcase in his acting chops in both the sad scenes and the happy scenes with nothing but his facial expression and body language.Many praised Dujardin and said  his acting resembles both Gene Kelly and Charlie Chaplin.His is quite unknown outside France but he could be the next Marion Cotillard!

2.George Clooney
George Clooney for playing a husband who finds out his dying wife had an affair before the accident and a father who tries to reconnect with his daughters who are emotionally distant from  him.George is a favourite of the AMPAS and the critical acclaim he recieved definitely guarantees a nod.George  is a five time nominee(Best Actor for Up In The Air and Michael Clayton,Best Director and Best Original Screenplay for Good Night,and Good Luck) and winning for Best Supporting Actor for Syriana in 2005 and could be winning his first Best Actor.

3.Michael Fassbender
For portraying the sex addict Brandon beautifully and conveying the his pain and torment just by  the stares.One of the breakout star of 2011,Michael Fassbender for sure here to stay.If nominated,this would be his first nomination but I can surely guarantee that there will more nominations and winnings in his in the future for the modern Daniel Day Lewis.His other notable films with  super performances were Hunger(another Oscar nod snub),Jane Eyre,Fish Tank and A Dangerous Method.

4.Brad Pitt
For the realistic portayal of Billy Beane the general manager of a baseball team in the film Moneyball.His subtle performance in the film recieved favourable responses and many appreciated the humor in Pitt's performance.The chemistry between Pitt and Jonah Hill was convincing and most of the scenes with his daughter was applauded.Being a well known star,Brad Pitt could easily slid in to the nomination list.Brad Pitt is definitely getting better in the choices of films he makes as he gets older and his preformance too gets better in every film.He was nominated twice for the Oscars(Best Supporting Actor for 12 Monkeys and Best Actor in the Curious Case Of Benjamin Button).

5.Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio for capturing both sides of Hoover brilliantly in the biopic film J.Edgar.his speech and body language conveys confidence and authority when he is at work or in front of his colleagues but very vulnerable,seeking for acceptance to those who are close to him.Leonardo is nothing but amazing in this film.he was nominated for the Oscars for three times (The Aviator,What's Eating Gilbert Grape,Blood Diamond) and of course I need to mention   the  Best Actor snub for The Departed.He was equally good in the big studio films like Inception and Shutter's Island

So what do you think of the list?Who are you rooting for?Leave some feedback on both who you feel deserved to get nominated and those you want to get nominated.

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