Saturday, 17 December 2011

84th Academy Awards-Best Supporting Actress(predictions)

1.Octavia Spencer
Octavia Spencer as the outspoken Minny in the film The Help is my predicted winner.Minny is her breakout role and made people realising her talent in both comedy and dramatic acting.Plus her chocolate pie scene is hilarious!

2.Vanessa Redgrave
Her performance as the mother of the general Coriolanus in the film Coriolanus had been described as a masterpiece of acting and been described her best so far.Vanessa Redgrave had been nominated 6 times for the Oscars and won  for her performance for Julia.

3.Shailene Woodley
The AMPAS always love to nominate younger actor or actress every year they can and some even won .This year the joy is most likely to be given to Shailene Woodley who gave a brilliant performance in The Descendants.Her performance as the rebelion daughter of George Clooney who begins to change for the sake of her father and young brother was cited to outshone Clooney's performance in the film.She could be a surprise winner if get nominated as Vannesa Redgrave buzz is dying  while for Octavia Spencer,most attention is directed to Viola Davis
4.Berenice Bejo
Berenice Bejo for portraying an upcoming  actress in the silent film the artist.just like Jean dujardin she too had nothing but her facial expression and body language to convey emotions and she succeeded.
5.Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain for portraying the naive silly Celia in The Help.Jessica had a amazing year with not only appearing in back to back critically acclaimed films but playing very different  roles and award worthy   performances in each of them.


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Nice predictions! Out of all the acting categories, this one feels the most up in the air to me, possibly because of how quickly all the precursors settled on Jessica Chastain for The Help (as opposed to one of her other three hundred projects). I also like that you kept Redgrave in the mix, as I don't know what to make of everyone ignoring her, and wonder whether the BAFTA will be enough to fix it.

F.FRANKLIN said...

vanessa redgrave was great in coriolanus but her oscar buzz is dying,such a pity ...yes I too felt jessica should have been nominated for take shelter instead the help,her best role for 2011....