Sunday, 11 December 2011

LA Film Critics Association Awards

BEST PICTURE, Winner:The Descendants,Runner-Up:The Tree Of Life

BEST DIRECTOR-Terrence Malick for The Tree of Life,.Runner-Up:Martin Scorsesse
-wow.. Congratulations

BEST ACTOR, Winner: Michael Fassbender for A Dangerous Method,Jane Eyre,Shame,X-Men: First Class. Runner-Up: Michael Shannon for Take Shelter.
-Michael won!!His bold performance definitely deserves recognition.

BEST ACTRESS, Winner: Yun Jung-hee for Poetry. Runner-Up: Kirsten Dunst for Melancholia.
-haven't watch The Poetry but Kirsten Dunst  was amazing Melancholia.I just hope she steer away from romantic comedies and move to serious roles.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS, Winner: Jessica Chastain for Coriolanus,The Debt,The Help,Take
Shelter,Texas Killing Fields,Tree of Life, Runner-Up: Janet McTeer for Albert Nobbs.
-again  well deserving for the breakout star of 2011.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR, Winner: Christopher Plummer for Beginners.Runner-Up: Patton Oswalt, Young Adult.
- first award for Young Adult!

BEST SCREENPLAY, Winner: Asghar Farhadi for A Separation.

BEST MUSIC/SCORE:  Winner: The Chemical Brothers for Hanna.Runner-Up: Cliff Martinez for Drive.
-cheers for Hanna,I loved the film!

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: Winner: Dante Ferretti for Hugo.  Runner-Up: Maria Djurkovic for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Winner: Emmanuel Lubezki for The Tree of Life.
- not a surprise...Emmanuel is winning almost all the awards for this category!

BEST DOCUMENTARY/NONFICTION:Winner: Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

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