Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday's Best Actor

Jake Gyllenhaal

The film Jarhead based on the memoir of Anthony Swofford,saw Jake Gyllenhaal playing the titular character.what so different about this film compared to other war film is that while most war film focuses on the war itself and some films focus on the mental state after the war ,Jarhead explores the mental state of the soldier waiting for the war and during the war itself.its more on the soldier worrying about their girlfriends at home might be cheating them,the dehydration,the frustration and many more.Jake Gyllenhaal was so good in the role and the audience can feel his character's wearing down by his convincing portrayal.My favourite scene would be when Anthony(Jake) tries to shoot his friend,fellow soldier due to a metal breakdown and his phone call to his girlfriend who confides to him that she has moved on and have a new boyfriends.Another scene that is so shocking would be the 'deer hunter tape 'scene where one of the soldier's wife sends him a sex tape of her and his neighbour in order to show her frustration as a army wife toward him .Seeing him yelling and crying and Jake who is now so fed up of life still sitting there wanting to watch the tape shows how affected are the soldiers even before the actual war.

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