Tuesday, 4 December 2012

What to expect in Game of Thrones Season 3(Non -Spoiler)& Game of Thrones Season 3-In Production video

Since its gonna be 3 months more for the hunger  for Game of Thrones to be satisfied,I have decided to write a post(non-spoilers) on Top 7 Things to Expect in GOT season 3. For those of you  who haven't read the book but just wanted to know what actually happens in the book and want to be spoiled, check out my review here.Check it out.

7)Changing Teams
-ASOS is a book where your perspective on most characters change very quickly.You get to see the motives and the true nature of these dark characters.Characters that you consider coward and weak finally gain the courage to speak their mind and prove themselves while characters you consider strong start to crack for simple reasons.

6)Losing Masculinity
-Well this statement can be seen as both literally and metaphorically  when it comes to Season 3.Two male characters  in particular will be losing their  what they consider to define their 'manliness'  and no I didn't meant Varys the Euunuch.

5)Alternation in Power
-As of Season 2, King Joffrey Baratheon controls the southern kingdoms while King Robb Stark the Northern Kingdoms.In season 3 ,there gonna be big change in terms of power where the weakest of the throne contenders seem gain power/army and emerges as the main contender for the Iron Throne.

4) True Love
-Westeros is a dark and grayish world where  you could not believe anyone .Throughout the season 1 and 2,the only true love portrayed in the series belongs to Ned Stark and Catelyn Stark and even their love have some problems regarding bastards.While both Robb& Talisa and  Tyrion & Shae can be considered as true love,the loyalties of both ladies are  still shady.However in season 3 ,there will be  a relationship between two characters that is based on just pure love maybe a little lust on one side .Is it Jorah& Daenerys,Arya& Gendry or somebody else?

3)Tyrells-Roses with Thorns
-The Tyrells,with their flamboyant style,humour and ambitions are gonna be a joy to watch onscreen .They are basically Lannisters with brains.They have the golds and the wits.Season 2 does  not  try to hide the Tyrells ambitious nature and Season 3 is where this nature peaks.There's gonna be a dynamic competition between Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister and pay close attention to the Queen of Thorns,Maegery's grandmother which will be played by Dianna Riggs.Mark my word,she's gonna be a fan favourite giving both Arya and Tyrion a big competition.

-Of course it will not be as epic,if not for the fact George R.R.Martin does not hesitate to kill any of his character.I'm not gonna give the the exact numbers but get yourself ready to see the death of more than one major characters.

-There's gonna be  at least 3 weddings in Season 3 relating the major characters.Yes the number is right and HBO has confirmed this information.Each wedding is shocking,sympathetic and disgusting in its own way and has a unique name of its own.One particular wedding will serve as the climax of the Season 3 and if done well ,is gonna make you scream  and throwing things at your TV.

Lastly,I have included the In -production video that was released yesterday by HBO featuring all the new characters.Check it out.

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