Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Hobbit- The Unexpected Journey

Let me start off by saying I really didn't enjoy The Hobbit,the novel as it was a bit boring and slow paced  compared LOTR .However,I did have a high expectation for this film as Peter Jackson is helming the project with some of the finest British actors(Martin Freeman,Richard Armitage,Ian Mckellen,Andy Serkis and etc) as the part of the cast with some returning cast from the LOTR trilogy.Thankfully the film did met its hype to some extent

As for the plot, I found it to be a bit dragging  during the first half but manages to be in pace during second half . I find it to be a  repetition of problems the company of dwarfs faced followed by a detailed battle.That's how I felt reading the book.It's basically one obstacles after another.There was a  new subplot introduced in the film regarding the brown wizard and the necromancer.The subplot does successful distract the repetition of the battles and for  those who had read The Hobbit,its something new to look for.The fact this storyline is  funny thanks to the quirky brown wizard maintains the book warm tone throughout the movie.I also enjoyed the back story of the dwarfs especially how Thorin got his name.Those scenes was epic.

As usual,the CGI  are beautiful like any other Peter Jackson films.
The scenes with Gollum,Eagles,trolls,goblins ,Orcs all looks superb and the set designs are magnificent as usual.Its a visual feast.The wargs and  the necromancer were the weakest link of the CGIs.The hair and makeups were also nice but I find it hard to distinguish one dwarf from the another.Everyone looks similar except for fat dwarf with the braided ginger beard.

Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins is the strongest plus point in the film.His was endearing throughout the film and definitely embodies all sides of the big hearted  sometimes snobbish hobbit.It was a perfect casting and I don't see any actor but Martin Freeman who could do justice for the role.Richard Armitage as Thorin was another favourite of mine.His performance has shades of Aragorn in it but was honest and is spot on with the emotional scenes.I felt the pain of Thorin and his desires to get back his rights thanks to the Peter Jackson script and Richard's brilliant portrayal of the King of Dwarfs. That something I didn't felt when reading the novel.Of course I have to mention Andy Serkis as Smeagol or Gollum.This guy is totally the most underrated actor of our generation.Even Gollum only appears at the end of the film ,both him and Andy Serkis stole all the show.

Howard Shore's musical score definitely set the tone of the film.It was humorous and melancholic both at the same time perfectly depicting the warmth of the shire and the sides of the dwarfs while at the times showcasing the torment of the dwarfs longing for their home.

In conclusion,The Hobbit is one of the rare film where the movie is better than the novel and filled with beautiful scenes for the eyes with some of the warm and funny performances of the year.Of course there were parts that could have been better but overall its a entertaining film.

Possible Oscar contenders for the following categories:

Best Supporting Actor-Andy Serkis
Best Supporting Actor-Richard Armitage
Best Original Score-Howard Shore
Best Costume Design
Best Art Directions
Best Visual Effects
Best Hair and Make-up


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