Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pitch Perfect-review

With Jason Moore  directing the movie,Pitch Perfect has a brilliant ensemble cast  of Anna Kendrick,Brittany Snow,Rebel Wilson,Anna Camp,Elizabeth Banks and more.

Yes,the plot of the film is so similar to other championship/sports film but it differs in terms of characterisation of the characters.All the characters are well developed with memorable traits whether its the rebel Becca,control freak Aubrey,the nymphomaniac Stacie,the lesbian Cynthia  the quirky and quiet Lily and so on.Even the characters in the opposing teams are well developed.I didn't care much for the romance subplot

Now for the performances in the film, the whole cast are really good.Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy steals all the scene she is in.She cracks up laughter with her sarcastic one liners .You just couldn't get enough of her,she's damn funny.Other highlights would be Hanna Mae Lee,Adam DeVine and Anna Camp who appeared in last year The Help.

The only problem I have with this film is the choices of songs that is sung in the film .Out of all the songs in the world,the songs that appear in the film are very odd and boring.I was expecting  more songs like the 'Starships' cover which  is used for marketing the film where the cast changed a bad song into a nice cover.I loved the cover of Kelly Clarkson's 'Since You Have Been Gone' and Bruno Mars'Just The Way You Are'.Being a musical,I'm really disappointed with the song lists.As for the musical performance,Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow are the best with Anna Camp and Rebel Wilson surprising everyone with their vocals.

In the end,despite being a bad musical,Pitch Perfect make it up with being one of 2012's most funniest movie.


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Meow Opre said...

I soooooo love this movie & especially the pitch perfect songs! Old and new songs with a twist on their renditions. Totally aca-awesome! :) Utkarsh is my crush <3