Tuesday, 11 December 2012

85th Academy Awards-Best Costume Designs(predictions)

1) Anna Karenina(predicted winner)

-Joe Wright previous  collabration with costume designer Jacqueline Durran  was evidently a feast for the eyes and Anna Karenina is no different.The costumes in this movie looks gorgeus and Durran inspiration to portay the character sitiuation externally defintiely is clever.For instance most of Keira Knightley's costume are inspired  by a caged bird theme reflecting her marriage while the multilayers of clothes reflects comlexity of these character.Then you have Durran trying a different direction on Kitty's costume as free, young and bubly.

2) A Royal Affair

-I have raved the beatiful costumes of A Royal Affair enough in my review.I feel this particular film is the only strong cottender for Anna Karenina.I dont have ample knowledge on historical costumes but based on the many costumes dramas I've watched,the costumes in this film does look different from the british period costumes especially  what the Danish women wore in this film.Their gowns with the cape-like-back does look fresh and the number of different uniforms featured in this  film definitely deserves a nod.

3)The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

-The costumes of the dwarves which all twelve have their own look based on their roles in the journey,the Elves and of course the titular Baggins with their sunny clothes.Dont forget the Orcs,trolls the wood Elves

4)Les Miserables

-The costumes of 1800's will be featured in this film depicting the different classes and occupation of that particular era.We have the men's featured in uniforms while Cossete which will be played by the talented and beautiful Amanda Seyfried will be wearing the beautiful gowns compared to the other female characters.

5)Mirror Mirror

- The costumes of Mirror Mirror by the late Eiko Ishioka who had previously won for her costume design in  Bram Stoker's Dracula ,was colourful and vibrant with subtle Asian influences.The choices of bold colours made the fairy tale film fresh and strikingly different from the other Snow White film.In addition,I also felt Eiko Ishioka was snubbed for her brilliant  work in Immortals last year,so a posthumous nomination would be the right thing to do.

Other possible cottenders:
6)Cloud Atlas

7)Snow White And The Huntsman

8)Moonrise Kingdom

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