Tuesday, 11 December 2012

85th Academy Awards -Best Actor(predictions)

1.Joaquin Phoenix for The Master(Predicted Winner)

-Joaquin  had been a part of many critically acclaimed films in his career and many of the actor that worked with him had won(Reese Winterspoon,Russel Crowe) or got a nod but him.The Master is said to be completely his film with his performance as the drifter who questions his faith  receiving unanimous positive reviews and is  often highlighted as the best thing of the film.The only thing that could take the win from him is his recent ridiculous interview about the Oscars.

2.Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln

-The best actor of our generation playing one of American most iconic President,Abraham Lincoln.The makeup,the costumes,his mannerism and body language all screams the beloved president.So
far,all the reviews are positive and unanimously praising Daniel Day Lewis performance in the film.It looks like he is gonna pull a Meryl Streep and become the only actor to have won three Best Actor.

3.John Hawkes for The Sessions

-John Hawkes was truly snubbed for his creepy turn in Martha Marcy  May Marlene as the cult leader last year.This year he returns with a bang(no pun intended) as a paralyzed men wanting to lose his virginity with help of a sex surrogate.While he rarely moves in the film,his facial experience is what does justice to film.A role with intense scenes with some comedic elements infuse to with,John Hawkes definitely needs another nomination.

4.Bradley Cooper for Silver Linings Playbook

-Bradley Cooper has been a consistent performer in both dramatic and comedy department  and his role Pat Solitano  is the right role to showcase his skills in both the genres.His performance in the movie is said to be the best of his career.He just recieved an Indie Spirit Best Actor nomination  and other nominations are set to come.

5.Hugh Jackman for Les Miserables

There's  nothing shocking with Hugh Jackman singing.Infact,I felt he is a better stage actor than in films.In the big screen adaptation of the beloved musical Les Miserables,Hugh Jackman will be portaying Jean Valjean a prisonner, who wants to have a new life as new good person but with his past in the form of Inspector Javert keeps interupting that notion.The only problem for Jackman is that even before the film is released,most buzz had been for Anne Hatthaway and the other two ladies Amanda Seyfried and Samantha Barks even though they are only playing small role.

Other possible cottenders:

6.Denzel Washington for Flight

7.Anthony Hopkins for Hitchcock

8.Logan Lerman for Perks of Being A Wallflower

Do let me know about your  own predictions and if you felt there are other more deserving actors  that should get nominated?

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