Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pure Talent-Emile Hirsch

Emile Hirsch
This week ,I wanna discuss  the young actor Emile Hirsch and his two films in the Pure Talent section.Emile Hirsch (26 years old) is well known for the staring sole in the film Into The Wild playing Alexander Supertramp in the Sean Penn directorial.

I first noticed Emile Hirsch in the film The Emperor's Club.Directed by Michael Hoffman and opposite Kevin Kline,Emile played the spoil brat that joined a prep school and begin to influence other students negatively.He was great playing the rich brat who thinks money is the answer of  everything.All the scenes where he is confronting his teacher arrogantly and being mischievous spoiling other good students was really good that made the audience difficult to hate even when we realise he cheated during the competition

Then came his Oscar snub role Into The Wild directed by Sean Penn opposite Kristen Stewart,Marcia Gay Harden,Jenna Malone and more.He played a guy who has a different take on life when he decided to leave everything behind to go and explore life in the wilderness.Those who watch the film could see the work he had done to suit the role.Yes,I'm talking about the final half of the film where he sheds like 40 pounds .I have said this before that his death scene is probably one of the best and moving death scene I have seen in movies.He gave a mature  performance throughout the film.

He is set to appear as Penelope Cruz son in the film Venuto al Mondo, Savages directed by Oliver Stone  and in the film Killer Joe.


Pete said...

Brilliant in Into The Wild, loved that film! Also great in Milk. Just hope The Darkest Hour is better than it sounds.

F.FRANKLIN said...

I too have heard bad stuff about The Darkest Hour..not sure whether want to watch it or not

NeverTooEarlyMP said...

I haven't seen much of his work other than MILK, although I am looking forward to Savages.

F.FRANKLIN said...

@NeverTooEarlyMP please do watch Into the Wild...Its a really good would be thinking of it even after watching the film