Sunday, 15 January 2012

69th Golden Globes Awards - Winners

Best Motion Picture-Drama: The Descendants

Best Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical: The Artist
-I love the dog..It should have won it's own award.Michel Hazanavicius and team took a bold risk filming a silent film with unknown cast and the risk had been paid well!!

Best Director:Martin Scorsese,Hugo
-I was expecting the director of The Artist to win but Martin is equally deserving and his effort to remind us some of the  best old films should be applauded.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama: George Clooney,The Descendants
-Clooney as expected.Again I still felt there were other deserving actors in the category(Fassbender) than him.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama:Meryl Streep,The Iron Lady
-Yes!!!!! Meryl Streep won!!The most talented actress of our generation.She did the British accent so well and portrayed Margaret Thatcher brilliantly.Meryl Streep should have won  years back instead of Sandra Bullock.And now I'm almost 95% sure its gonna be Michelle Williams winning the Oscars.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy: Jean Dujardin ,The Artist
-Probably one of the strongest performance of the year and he didn't use any voice!!To speak the truth ,he is the most deserving to win the Best Actor statue for the Oscars besides Fassbender. I love his speech too.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy: Michelle Williams,My Week With Marilyn
-WELL DESERVED..She was amazing as Marilyn Monroe..I guess no one could portray Marilyn's pain better than Williams.Again she could be a surprise winner in the Oscars.

Best Supporting Actor in Motion Picture: Christopher Plummers,Beginners
-Not a big surprise.

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Octavia Spencer,The Help
-Too bad Jessica Chastain didn't win as her body of work last year was astounding.However I do like Octavia Spencer in The Help.

Best Screenplay:Woody Allen,Midnight In Paris
-Too bad he was absent .Midnight In Paris is his best film to date.

Best Original Score in a Motion Picture :Ludovic Bource,The Artist
-I've said this million times,the music of The Artist played a big role in making the film interesting.

Best Original Song in a Motion Picture :Masterpiece,W.E.
-Surprise win.The whole nominees in this category was a bit crazy as the Muppets was absent.

Best Animated Feature Film:The Adventures of Tintin
-loved that Spielberg mentioned Andy Serkis!

 Best Foreign Film: A Separation
-I don't get his speech but speaking about the film,it has been said numerous times that it is the best film of 2011

Best  TV Series -Drama:Homeland
- I haven't watch any episodes of Homeland but I was kinda surprised it beat Boardwalk Empire and Games of Thrones.

Best TV Series-Comedy or Musical: Modern Family

Best Actor TV-Drama:Kelsey Grammer,Boss

Best Actress TV-Drama:Claire Danes,Homeland
-Haven't watch any episodes of Homeland but I loved her performance Temple Grandin.So I'm pretty sure she  would be also great in Homeland.

Best Actor TV-Musical or Comedy: Matt LeBlanc,Episodes

Best Actress TV-Musical or Comedy: Laura Dern,Enlightened

Best Supporting Actor in a TV series,Miniseries or TV film:Peter Dinklage,Games Of Thrones
-Yay!!Peter Dinklage performance as  the Imp was funny,sarcastic and shocking,all at the same time.

Best Supporting Actress in a TV series,Miniseries or TV Film: Jessica Lange, American Horror Story
-I was hoping for either Jessica or Maggie Smith  to I'm satisfied.She was creepy playing the role.Well deserved.

Best Miniseries or TV Movie: Downton Abbey
-I loved Downton Abbey mainly for Maggie Smith.She is amazing.

Best Actor Miniseries or TV Movie:Idris Elba,Luther
-If Dominic West was nominated for Appropriate Adult ,for sure he would have won.However,Idris Elba was seriously good in Luther

Best Actress Miniseries or TV Movie :Kate Winslet,Mildred Pierce
-She was brilliant in Mildred Pierce well deserved!


NeverTooEarlyMP said...

Great write up. It's interesting that they split the best picture and director awards between THe Artist, Descendants and Hugo, as it keeps a little bit of excitement in those two races.

The other interesting race is of course Lead actress with Michelle Williams, Viola Davis and Meryl Streep all in real competition for the win.

Nice write up!

F.FRANKLIN said...

Although I do like Viola Davis,I still felt Meryl Streep should win.Michelle Williams could be a suprise winner as she fill the criteria well,a 3 time oscar nominee and an iconic role