Saturday, 14 January 2012

69th Golden Globes Winners-Prediction

Here are my final prediction of the Golden Globes Awards which will take place this Sunday.So leave some comments on what you thought of my prediction and maybe  let me know of yours.

Best Motion Picture-Drama: Hugo
-Its one of my favourite Martin Scorsese film  and with a name like Martin Scorsese attached to it,Hugo has the brightest chance.The Descendants could be a surprise winner.

Best Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy: The Artist
-Do we need to argue this,The Artist is one of a kind film last year and the only film that could give some competition to The Artist would be Midnight in Paris which is also very original.

Best Actor-Drama: George Clooney,The Descendants
-Everyone loves Clooney.Period.However,I still feel there are more deserving actors than him who did a marvellous job last year and the fact he had already won two golden globes doesn't help me.Brad Pitt is the only actor that could give Clooney some competition but if Michael Fassbender wins(,I would be shouting in joy.

Best Actress-Drama: Meryl Streep,The Iron Lady
-Its gonna be between Meryl Streep or Viola Davis but I'm putting my money on Streep.Plus I'm still bothered that Rooney Mara and Glenn Close is nominated when Elizabeth Olsen and Kirsten Dunst weren't.

Best Actor-Musical or Comedy: Jean Dujardin,The Artist
-The easiest category to predict.Jean Dujardin was amazing in the Artist.The role he played could looked stupid if played by another actor  since no voice is used.

Best Actress- Musical or Comedy: Michelle Williams,My Week With Marilyn
-  Again there is no big competition for Michelle Williams in this category.Although she doesn't look anything like Marilyn Monroe,she played her brilliantly.Michelle Williams  could be the surprise winner for the Oscars  when everyone is talking about Davis and Streep for the Best Actress category.

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummers,Beginners
-Many actors manage to give a brilliant performance last year and its too bad only five is the limit of nominees.Plummer being a veteran  and did a amazing job in Beginners should win.If not him Albert Brooks is my other choice.

Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Chastain,The Help
-She won most of critics awards last year and had a wonderful year with amazing different roles.It would be sad if she didn't win.The only person in my opinion could snatch the golden statue from her is Octavia Spencer who also did a good job in The Help.

Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius,The Artist
-He manage to direct a good silent film without boring the audience.If not him Martin Scorsese is my next guess.

Best Screenplay: Woody Allen,Midnight in Paris
-Like most of Woody Allens  films,it is original and fresh.

Best Original Score: Ludovic Bource,The Artist

Best Original Song: The Living Proof,The Help

Best Animated Feature Film: Rango

Best Foreign Film: A Separation
-It has been winning all the awards ,so it my predicted winner unless they decide to honor Jolie.

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