Thursday, 5 January 2012

Pure Talent-Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan
Last night, I managed to watch two Nolan's film Inception and The Prestige. I had watched Inception numerous times and The Prestige few times,still the films felt fresh and exciting. So I have decided to talk about those films in this Pure Talent section.Christopher Nolan is great in infusing dark tones subtly in all his movies.Unlike Tim Burtons(one of my favourite film maker) films where you see dark/comedy tones shown by make-ups and costumes,Nolan's film dark tones  are incorporated in the film through its musical score and the lighting.

 I don't know how to start and explain my awe with the film Inception.It is a brilliant film.The plot of the film where it deals on a team trying to plant an idea in the subconscious mind of the target through sharing dreams is so clever and original  and technical quality of the film is damn good.The visual effects  is one of the many major pluses of the film.All dream sequence were amazing especially the the scene where Cobb(Leo DiCaprio) explains Ariadne(Ellen Page) about how the dream invasion takes place.The soundtrack of the film, especially the ship sound   throughout the film and the musical score whenever Mrs.Cobb(Marion Cotillard) appears conveys melancholy.Talking about the cast,it is probably the best ensemble in a film of all time.Everyone was superb in their roles and I felt all suited them so well especially Marion Cotillard.Playing the antagonist of the film ,she was beyond great in this film.She looks so beautiful  and it's like she stepped out from a black and white film with the Audrey Hepburn look.You feel her torment and love every time she begs Leonardo to stay and  is quite scary when she gets angry.I really loved the scene when Ellen Page enters the suite on the night Marion Cotillard suicides and the actual suicide scene.The hallway fight scene involving Joesph Gordon Levitt is equally exciting.No wonder it received 8 nominations for the Oscars and 4 win.

The Prestige another Christopher Nolan masterpiece based on the novel of the same name is about two magicians obsessed to get fame and beating each other.The plot of the film and the measures the characters would go in order to achieve recognition shocks the audience and still resonates even after one watches the film.Its a film  that reminds you Hugh Jackman is a good actor and another proof Christian Bale  is the most underrated actor(at that time before winning for the Fighter) of our generation.Its both the Rebbecca Hall and Scarlett Johannson performances that caught my attention.Both strong female character with vulnerability,although only Rebbcca Hall's character succumbs to the pressure .I loved the scene where Scarlett Johanson says to Borden that he is cold and so similar to Angier who chooses goals and recognition over loved ones.Its shocking that  it was not nominated for any Oscars that year.

He is attached with the Man of Steel project staring Henry Cavilland Amy Adams,  as a producer and writer and to be directed by Zack Snyder another director with some magic touch in his films and the sequel of the The Dark Knight,The Dark Knight Rises one of the most expected film of mine and of many in  2012.

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