Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pure Talent-Amy Adams

This week in the Pure Talent Section,I would like to dedicate it to one of my favourite contemporary actress Amy Adams by discussing some of her films.

I first noticed Amy in the film Enchanted where she played the naive princess who gets thrown into the real world from a fairy tale.She is really good in being bubbly and naive.Plus her singing in the film is also equally good.It could have been silly if done by another actress but Amy Adams manages to nail the part well.

Then she played Sister James in the dramatic film Doubt.In contrast of the stereotypical nun usually portrayed in films,Sister James was a quiet and soft.Amy Adams again shines playing Sister James and even though she is in the scene with Meryl Streep,her performance is memorable.The last scene between Streep and Amy was probably one of the best scene of that particular year.

Her indie flick Sunshine Cleaning  showed her in a different light.While maintaining her charms,she played a role of a single mother who cleans the crime scene  with her sister (Emily Blunt).As usual she was great playing a woman who wants a better life for her son and at the same time having some insecurities when comparing her life with her successful classmates.

She played Julie Powell in the film Julie and Julia and teaming up again with Meryl Streep.Although Meryl Streep did steal the whole movie with her amazing portrayal of Julia Child, Amy's vulnerable performance as the writer who idolises Julia Child did stand out too.

In the film The Fighter,for the first time she played a tough,rough, loud woman.Her role  is easy to relate as she plays the college dropout who supports her boyfriend  no matter what and realises how the his family is .Unlike her  previous roles,Amy played a bad ass chick .The scene where Charlene(Adams) confront  Micky's mom(Melissa Leo) and his sisters  in the porch is my favourite.

She is set to play Lois Lane in upcoming Man Of Steel opposite Hnery Cavill and  The Masters opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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