Friday, 4 January 2013

Upside Down-review

Directed by Argentine director Juan Diego Solanas,Upside Down is love story of Adam(Jim Sturgess) and Eden(Kirsten Dunst) that is separated by the social class and gravity. One day,Adam meets Eden in the mountains area where both the upper world and lower world nearly touches.They bond as they grow up and they begins to visit each others world.Due to a unfortunate event,Adam is shot by the officials and Eden loses he memory after a fall.After some time,Adam notices Eden from a commercial and decides to pursue her with gravity being his major obstacle.
The script is the weakest aspect of the film.The universe with two centre of gravity is a fresh idea and I also liked how the love story is inserted but the script definitely needs some polishing.All the 'miraculous' scenes that  is present throughout the film gives this flick a Disney feel.In my opinion,if you are gonna do a film based on a alternate universe,the characters and the events in the film needs to be realistic as possible.The only good thing in the script is that they tried to explain the two gravity universe and the rules relating to it.Thus it is not that confusing .

The CGI in this film are the best features of the film.The whole film is packed(at times it could be too much) with beautiful  effects and could rival The Golden Compass for the best looking film.The scenes in the mountain,the office cubicles and the tango scene would be my favourites as it has a blend of fantasy/futuristic/sci-fi touch to it
As for the performances in the film,Timothy Spall is a delight whenever he is onscreen.Jim Sturgess manages to carry the film with his charming and likable performance while Kirsten Dunst's role was really underwritten.It was basically the 'love interest' type of role and she didn't have much to do.
If you love watching movies in a romance genre with a fantasy touch like Stardust,you would enjoy it.


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