Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Most Anticipating Films of 2013

13)The Counselor
-The  big and talented cast.Love it
12)Beautiful Creatures

-The Hunger Games convinced  everyone that a  film adaptation of a Young Adult novel can be really good and unlike Twillight,it has some strong positive messages.Then came Beautiful Creatures another romance filled YA novel.Based on the trailer,the visuals are okay but its the cast  that is very appealing to me.Viola Davis,Emma Thompson,Jeremy Irons and the beautiful  Emmy Rossum did provoke my interest.Lets hope it will be the opposite of Twillight.

11)Pacific Rim

-Another film that did get my interest until I saw the trailer.The CGIs looks awesome and glad to see Rinko Kikuchi in a English film. And did I mention its a Guillermo Del Toro movie?

10)To The Wonder

-This was one of the film that received mixed and polarising view last year(like most Terrence Mallick film) but the trailer looks amazing and Olga looks likes gorgeous .Finally in a role where she is not a femme fatale.

9)The Hobbit:The Desolation of Smaug
I felt the first Hobbit film was a disappointment even though it was better than the novel.I just hope the second movie would be better.
8)Catching Fire
-The sequel of the Hunger Games with new cast members including Phillip Seymour Hoffman,Jena Mone and Sam Claffin.Catching Fire would deal on how both Katniss and Peeta survival in the Hunger Games had sparked a rebellion amongst  the districts.
7)The Place Beyond The Pines

-The director of Blue Valentine  and Ryan Gosling reunites in this film about  a man becoming a robber for his son.

6)Two Faces Of January
Based on Patricia Highsmith novel(who wrote the Ripliad series) the film has Viggo Mortensen ,Kirsten Dunst and Oscar Issaac playing the lead in the film.

5)The Disapearance of Eleanor Rigby
Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy in a movie about the relationship of a couple from two different point of view.Fresh and interesting.

4)Kick Ass 2
-The whole team is back except for the director Matthew Vaughn with Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes Lindy Booth as Night Bitch.

3)An Enemy
-Its about a film of a man obsessed with his doppelganger.If I'm not wrong ,this film will be based on the novel The Double which also served as an inspiration for Darren Afronosky.Jake Gyllenhaal will be playing the lead with Inglorious Basterds's Melanie Laurent in another English film.


-It has a look of a Hitchcock film with a stellar cast .It looks weird and great at the same time and I really  curious of Uncle Charlie's story which will be played by Matthew Goode.

1)Man Of Steel

-With Christopher Nolan producing and Zack Snyder directing, Man of Steel will be played by the british hunk Henry Cavill and the beautiful Amy Adams as  Louis Lane.Plus we have  Rusell Crowe,Kevin Costner,Michael Shannon a part of the cast and  a possible appearance of Wonder Woman and  Justice League refrences.Do I need to say more?

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