Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Sessions ,Silver Linings of Playbook-trailers

The Sundance hit The Sessions,previousily known as The Surrogate staring John Hawkes as the polio infected male searching for a sex surrogate to lose his virginity.Critics are loving this film and many had predicted the film and its cast to be a strong cottender for the Oscars despite its risky theme.Check out the suprisingly funny trailer and John Hawkes not only looks different in this film,he shines in every scene he is in.

The second trailer is from the movie Silver Linings of Playbook staring Bradley Cooper,Jennifer Lawrence,Robert DeNiro and Julia Stiles.The film is about a man(Cooper) just out from a mental instutition wants to fixed the relationship  with his wife.Despite the age gap,both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence's chemistry looks convincing and this is Bradley's second film with DeNiro who plays his tough football loving dad.

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