Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Master -Trailer

Finally the trailer of Paul Thomas Anderson The Master featuring Phillip Seymour Hoffman,Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams.Again the trailer is Joaquin centric but this time we get glimpses of The Master and his wife.The film really have this 60s feel to it and I'm really looking forward for it.

And here is trailer for the musical comedy Pitch Perfect staring Brittany Snow and Anna Kendrick.Its about all girl Capella group(singing without instrument) trying to win the competition.Based on the trailer, it looks very interesting  and the film reminds us that Anna Kendrick can definitely sing.Rebel Wilson is extremely funny and looks like she is gonna be the scene stealer of the film.


Pete said...

I nearly didn't watch that second trailer but I'm glad I did now. That looks pretty damn funny!

F.FRANKLIN said...

@Pete yeah its damn funny.Im quite surprised to see Brittany Snow singing