Sunday, 10 June 2012

85th Academy Awards-Best Supporting Actor(predictions)

1.Joaquin Phoenix,The Master(predicted winner)

-After a long time,Joaquin is gracing the screen playing a drifter Freddie Sutton who begins to question his faith  towards this new religion.I was very impressed by just watching the trailer of The Master which featured only Joaquin and with Paul Thomas Anderson directing  just increase the Oscar chances.

2.Leonardo DiCaprio,Django Unchained

- Leonardo plays Calvin Candie, a  charming ruthless character  just like  the one Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds.Leonardo is no stranger to the Oscars as he had been nominated three times and snubbed for his performances in Departed , Shutter Island and J.Edgar.He is one of the actors who have tried all the genres of film proving his versatility as an actor.This could be Leonardo's year as he also has The Great Gatsby in the Lead category.

3.Russell Crowe,Les Miserables

-The Oscar Winner will portraying Inspector Javert,a guy who  respects the law and believes human cannot  truly change.I have never heard him sing but he is a respectable actor.If he can do justice to the suicide scene of his character in the film ,then Russell Crowe should be expecting his next Oscar nod.

4.Robert De Niro,Silver Lining Playbook

-Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper's chemistry was one of the reason Limitless was so fun to watch.In this film De Niro plays Bradley's  moody but loving father.

5.Tobey Maguire,The Great Gatsby

-Tobey Maguire will be playing  Nick Carraway the quiet neighbour of Jay Gatsby from Minnesota.He is the narrator in the books  and he becomes the point that connects Daisy(Carey Mulligan ) and Jay Gatsby.Tobey was brilliant in films like Brothers and Pleasantville

Others who might be a strong contender for this category:

6.William H.Macy,Six Sessions(previously known as The Surrogate)

Previous Oscar Worthy performances: Fargo,Magnolia,Pleasantville

7.Jude Law,Anna Karenina
Previous Oscar Worthy performances: Talented Mr.Ripley,Closer,Cold Mountain,Contagion,Hugo
8.Woody Harrelson,Seven Psychopaths

Previous Oscar Worthy Performances: Rampart,The Messenger,People Vs Larry Flynt,Hunger Games,Zombieland

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