Friday, 16 November 2012

The Host, The Mortal Instruments,Oz :The Great and Powerful-trailer

Based on Stephanie Meyer's novel of the same name,The Host which will be directed by Andrew Niccol(Gattaca) with Saoirse Ronan playing the lead  Melanie Stryder and Wanda with Dianne Krueger as the antagonist Seeker.It does looks like a romantic film with some sci-fi element.From the trailer, I'm  a little glad that Melanie Stryder will be the complete opposite of Bella Swan when the I saw the scene where Melanie decides to die rather than being controlled by the souls.I would probably give it a chance mainly for Saoirse Ronan.Have a look on the trailer and it's not that bad.
Another teaser of the  the Twilight wannabe The Mortal Instrument staring Lilly Collins,Jamie Campbell Bower,Lena Headey and Jonathan Rhys Meyers which is the story of Clary Fray who discovers of her superpowers and roots when her mother is kidnapped by a man called Valentine(JRS).
Lastly,something really good,the trailer of  Oz:The Great and Powerful staring James Franco,Rachel Weisz,Mila Kunis,Michelle Williams and the film will be directed by Spiderman's Sam Raimi.The beautiful visuals instantly reminds  the visuals of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and the costume looks gorgeous.Mila Kunis in another dark sensual role and its always pure enjoyment to see Rachel Weisz onscreen.It definitely promises to be a visual delight.Have a look!

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