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Directed by Bricks' Rian Johnson,this Sci-Fi time travel film has Joseph Gordon Levitt,Bruce Willis,Emily Blunt and Piper Perabo.

Set in 2044,Looper is about an assassin(called loopers) who is hired to kill the target from the future where time travel had been invented so that bodies can disposed easily without any evidence as in the future due to the invention of trackers ,its difficult to murder people.So ,Joe(Joseph Gordon Levitt) is a looper who has a dream to settle down in France when his contracts ends(when he has to kill his older self).But when the moment arises,he hesitates for a moment and Old Joe(Bruce Willis) manages to escape.When they meet in a restaurant after a long cat and mouse game,Old Joe informs to Joe that he is back to revenge the Rainmaker,a evil mob guy in the future  who is responsible for the death of his wife and other loopers.With him he has three coordinates of the possible location of the child that would grow up into the Rainmaker whether or not Old Joe kills the young kid and Joe killing his older self before he himself is murdered by  his bosses

While most time travel movies  tend to focus on the CGI and  futuristic setting ,the characters are usually are underwritten and lacks depth.That's the  opposite thing in Looper and that's why Looper works.Most of characters are well written with realistic characteristics.For instance, the similarities and differences between both the Old Joe and Young Joe.While both of them seem to  be a selfish  junkie and only thinking of themselves  throughout the film,the difference between them are cleverly written and portrayed.The character Sara is another beautifully written character .The only character I had problem was Kid Blue and Suzie which is played by Piper Perabo.

While the characters are well written,the screenplay does get slow during the second half and there were parts that were murky and confusing.Like other time travel film,when you do analyse the film thoroughly,there's a tone of plot holes.

 As for the cast,Joseph Gordon Levitt as young Joe delivers yet another solid performance  in this film.He manages to deliver a  strong performance with Wilis mannerism naturally  with some of his usual stuff and  not even a second he looks like he is trying too hard.He is definitely rising to become an action star.Bruce Willis plays his  part convincingly especially in the parts where his character has a moral dilemma when the storyline gets darker.

While the first half of the film is carried by JGL and Bruce Willis the second half of the film is completely owned by Emily Blunt and Pierce Gagnon who plays the mother-son duo.Emily Blunt delivers a feisty performance and her American is accent is near to perfection.Both her character and its portrayal serves as the heart of the film.Then we have Pierce Gagnon who plays the kid with the telekinetic powers who looses control easily.His performance are at par with adult co stars.His facial expression  during some intense scenes are superb  and definitely has a bright career ahead him.The shot where  he is covered in blood and staring JGL with a teary eyed is the best scene in the film and this kid handle the scene with ease.

I realise many were unhappy with JGL not looking as himself in the movie and almost looks like a cartoon due to the makeup and prosthetics.However I do find the makeup to be helpful and  it didn't bothered me much as the film progresses.The film has a nice balance of action scenes and scenes for character development and the technical team is quite strong too ,especially the visual effects

Overall,The Looper is an entertaining film packed with solid performances from the cast with a clever concept and script but the plot holes stops it from becoming a classic.

Possible Oscar contenders:

Best Supporting Actor- Pierce Gagnon
Best Original Screenplay-Rian Johnson
Best Visual Effects
Best Sound Mixing
Best Sound Editing



Dan O. said...

Great review Franklin. Didn’t have me as emotionally-invested as I thought I could have been, but still, a pretty solid sci-fi flick that’s heavy on story and characters, which is all that mattered to me.

F.FRANKLIN said...

Thanks mate.Yeah,I too felt the movie was more characters oriented and loved it for that.

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