Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hitchcock,Django Unchained and Stoker -trailer

The trailer for the film Hitchcock has arrived online.Directed by Sacha Gervasi, the film which explores the relationship of Alfred Hitchcock which will be played by the amazing Anthony Hopkins and his wife Alma Revile(Helen Mirren) during the production of the film Psycho.This is the second project focusing on the life of this eccentric director with another being HBO's The Girl.The trailer looks good and I'm impressed with how Anthony Hopkins looks unrecognisable in that prosthetic nose   and I reckon he will play the creepy role with ease.As usual,Helen Mirren presence is so magnetic that she completely overshadows Scarlett Johannson  in the trailer.Check it out.

I also included the trailer of   HBO's The Girl which is about Alfred Hitchcock's(Toby Jones) obsession of his lead star Tiffi Heldren(Sienna Miller) during the making of the film Birds.

Then the second trailer of  Park Chan-wook physiological thriller starring Mia Wasikowska,Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman.While first trailer was Uncle Charlie(Matthew Goode) oriented with mystery around him highlighted,this trailer is more on about India Stoker(Wasikowska) and the sexual tension with her uncle.There's not even a single shot of  nudity or Uncle Charlie touching India and yet the sexual tension between these two character is so apparent.

Lastly ,I have included the second trailer of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.This trailer has a better look on Kerri Washington as Broomhilda Von Shaft  the slave of a ruthless plantation owner.

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