Saturday, 14 July 2012

Game of Thrones Season 3: New Cast Members - Comic Con

Here is the video from Comic Con introducing the new casts joining Game of Thrones season 3.The casting of Game Of Thrones has been so far very perfect,thnaks to Nina Gold  and this season  seems to be the same.The new cast consists of the legend Dianna Riggs to the  newcomers like Ellie Kendrick.The standout of the casting is of course Dianna Riggs as the Queen of Thorns and the Reeds  which will be played by Thomas Sangster(Nowhere Boys)  and Ellie Kendrick(The Diary of Anne Frank) who look perfect for their roles.

So here are the other actors that got casted but didnt appear in the video.

Tara Fitzgerald- Selyse Baratheon,wife of Stannis Baratheon
Phillip McGinley- Anguy,a skillful archer (most likely a wildling or a  new NightsWatch recruit)
Kristofer Hivju-Tormund Giantsbane
Charlotte Hope-Myranda(Most likely  to be Roslin Frey ,name change as there is already)
Anton Lesser- Qyburn .a maester who is hired by Cersei
Tobias Menzies- Edmure Tully,brother to Catelyn Stark who agrees to marry Roslin  in return as Robb had broken his promise.

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