Thursday, 17 May 2012

85th Academy Awards-Best Supporting Actress(predictions)

1.Amy Adams,The Master(predicted winner)

-Three times Oscar nominee,Amy Adams will  be joining her Doubt co-star Phillip Seymour Hoffman,playing  Mary Sue Dodd,the wife of the master who is about to start a new religion.Less is known about this film but based on the director Paul Thomas Anderson and the cast involved,this is a Oscar bait role.

2.Anne Hathaway,Les Miserables

-Playing the dying prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables,Anne Hathaway is probably going to earn her second Oscar nod for this film after Rachel Getting Married.She had physically transformed into the character by losing lots of weight and cutting her hair.In addition,she is also have a nice  singing voice.And by the look of the leaked trailer,I wouldn't be surprised if she wins.

3.Sally Field,Lincoln

-Sally Field had impressed me in all her movies and television roles.In this biopic of the famous US president,Sally Field will be playing Mary Todd Lincoln ,the supportive wife of Abraham Lincoln despite of her health conditions.This film is probably gonna get nominated for most of the category just because the big and amazing names attached to it .

4.Marion Cotillard,Rust and Bone

-The french beauty will be playing a very vulnerable role of a killer whale trainer who loses her two legs.Based on the reviews from the Cannes,critics have been praising her take on the character.

5.Olivia Williams,Hyde Park On Hudson

-Have you seen her in Ghost Writer and An Education?She was beyond great in those films.Two very distinct roles and yet  succeeded with ease.In Hyde Park On Hudson,Williams plays Eleanor Roosevelt the  First Lady and the film explore her husbands infidelity

Other Possible contenders

6.Samantha Barks,Les Miserables

-Samantha will be playing the role Eponine,the daughter of Thenardiers who is falling for Marius which will be played by Eddie Redmayne.Its a sympathetic role and since Barks is already familiar to the role I'm pretty sure she would nail it.
7.Kerry Washington,Django Unchained

-In this Quentin Taratino film,Kerry Washington plays Broomhilda  ,a slave who is captured by a plantation owner(Leonardo DiCaprio) .Her Character is the focal point of the plot as the movie is about how the freed husband played by Jamie Foxx saves the wife.
8.Tabu, Life Of Pi

-One of India's boldest and best actress,Tabu would be playing Pi's mother in this Ang Lee adaptation.If you have seen some of her Indian films, you would realise that she superb in all the films she is in.To many,I reckon you would recognise her in Mira Nair's The Namesake.

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